William Barr’s rope-a-doping of America

Don’t let rope-a-dope get our gost!


It was Muhammed Ali who coined the term “rope-a-dope,” a boxing technique by which he leaned against the ropes while his opponent wore himself out flailing ineffectively at a mostly protected target. How ironic that Islamophobe Donald Trump’s champion, Attorney General William Barr, would adopt a Muslim boxer’s strategy to deliver a TKO to our country.

By first using his four-page summary and a soon-to-be-released redacted copy of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Barr is rope-a-doping America and effectively pulling all the punches out of a report that millions of Trump opponents had waited breathlessly to see. Barr has already slowed the momentum, and all that remains is for him to deliver a knockout punch that could spell the end for our once-great nation.

People who know me know there aren’t many people who hate Donald Trump more than I, but if…

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