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Do you ever have a moment where you suddenly see your life actually whizzing by, while you sit static and sort of frozen, watching it all continually unfold, right there in front of you? I know this sentence doesn’t make sense, so basically I’m asking if anyone else has ever experienced sitting with the daisies in traffic like your very own ‘Adaptation’ movie? I should actually question my mental stability as of late, but where’s the fun in that?  Maybe it’s a sign from the big guy upstairs (not Santa, the other one). If it is a sign, then God must be playing with me.

season 3 what GIF by Animal Kingdom on TNT

I know it’s a weird question, but before I had this question swirling around in my head I had heard and oddly enough, enjoyed, a radio station…in my head. No joke. I listened intently to the female DJ talk about the day’s events in…

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