A Shinbone Star Vituperative Op-Ed

Lies and more lies, they never stop coming.


Two witless wonders, Peter Navarro with Donald Trump.

The economic protectionist Peter Navarro, currently the driving force behind U.S. foreign trade policy, said war is good business in a Tuesday New York Times op-ed deifying Donald Trump for keeping open a heavy weapons manufacturing plant in Lima, Ohio.

It was a publicity packet for Trump’s Wednesday visit to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio.  Navarro stressed that President Barack Obama almost gave the facility the chop when he was trying to downsize the military-industrial complex our country can no longer afford.

“Fortunately, the Republican-led Congress rejected that move and appropriated enough funds to keep the factory in business — but the number of employees fell sharply, to just 75,” Navarro observed.

The US currently has about 3,500 mothballed M1 Abrams tanks in vast storage yards. The General Dynamics Lima plant was tasked with reconditioning them as needed to…

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