The Trump Dump: All Hail King Pyrrhus

A pyrrhic victory is better than none in Trumplandia


Any victory Trump might claim in a trade war with China will also come with heavy losses.

Someone needs to introduce Donald Trump to the phrase Pyrrhic Victory.

Trump claims victory in his government-paralyzing Wall tantrum. In truth, he gets no Wall and $3 billion less in congressional funding than he could have had a few months ago. That “victory” comes at a cost of many more billions in a month-long hamstrung economy and a significant decline in approval ratings, both for himself and his party.

So too did Trump claim victory in improving US-North Korean relations. His “victory:” Kim  has increased his missile-building since the summit that put his tin-horn dictatorship on equal footing with the United States.

Now Trump is about to claim another victory with China, one that will earn him undeserved popularity and fuel his pompous pronouncements for months. The cost of this “victory” will be…

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