Being a bonehead doesn’t make you a general

Thoughts on Mattis


James Mattis, a retired general.

Whether or not one agrees that Mr. Trump is a moron, nobody is arguing that he isn’t a bonehead.

There is a distinction. A moron has no control over his impulses, fails to comprehend the simplest principles, offers loyalty only to himself. A bonehead, on the other, hand simply ignores the learned advice of his betters because a bonehead is by nature an arrogant asshole.

Donald Trump, bonehead and commander in chief.

In the instant case, Captain Bone Spurs Trump, leader of the armies of totalitarian democracy, thinks he knows more about the brittle, always dynamic Middle East and Syria than Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis and Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL. McGurk authored the war-fighting policies in the region and Mattis’ generals implemented them.

Mattis rose to fame crushing Al-Qaeda in Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2004…

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