The Strange Tale of ‘Coffee Boy George’ Part 2: Percolation

Another good one in the sage of Coffeeboy


When we last saw our “hero,” George Papadopoulos, he was entering the federal prison camp in Oxford, Wisconsin for a two week stretch. However, Prisoner #91344-083 has now been released from the FCI Oxford “medium security federal correctional institution,” according to the BOP website.

The pre-prison Papadopoulos went in protesting right up until the bars slammed shut. Pinched for lying to the FBI, the coffee boy/foreign adviser to the Trump 2016 campaign fancied himself an American hero.

In fact, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller said Papadopoulos undermined their investigation and slowed it down. They said Georgie along with his wife, an Italian attorney had lied, thus necessitating jail time for him.

However, for Papadopoulos, a true believer, the special counsel probe is a nothing but a witch hunt against Trump, a byproduct of the deep state left over from the last administration.

Just prior to his incarceration, Papadopoulos led…

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