The Young and the Beautiful: Thanksgiving Edition — You’re All Served

The saga continues… bring hankie or long knife… target rich back stabbing environment.


Our Young and Beautiful couple, Ivy and Jerry, are still mired in the swamp, despite their attempts to escape back to the fabled Isle of Manhattan. Today we catch up with them in their tastefully decorated home within a few miles of the White Palace, where Ivy’s father, King Donald I, continues with his reign of terror. Ivy is seated at a French Provincial desk, frowning over a chessboard and some menus. On closer look, we see that the chess pieces each bear the name and likeness of a member of Ivy’s family. Enter Jerry.

logologoJerry: Why so lost in thought, my harvest princess? I thought you gave up your schmata business, and yet I see your worktable is covered with papers.
Ivy: This is not for any business venture. I am planning the Thanksgiving Feast for my father at the White Palace.
Jerry: If I may be permitted a…

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