Speaking of Dignity…

Happy thoughts are here again.

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Depression and friendship are usually at opposite ends of the spectrum, for good reason. Friends really can get sick of the flaky friend who makes plans then bails then calls in needy fashion (or they’re high/drunk/over medicated) to talk your ear off for 3 hours just to bail again the next day. It’s understandable that relatively normal people eventually decide to throw the depressed ones out with Tuesday’s recycle. Even if it’s just for a month or two. Consider it a ‘friend cleanse’ minus the wheatgrass smoothie.

Tim Curry Tossing Drink GIF

And for the depressed ones it’s not much different. We count on those friends but then we are simultaneously repulsed and terrified of them; or rather, repulsed and terrified that either a.) we become them or b.) we won’t be come them.

Confused yet? Ya, me too. Isn’t depression fun?

Real friends will always point out what you’re doing right and they will…

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