A Bananas Republic rots from the top down

Bananas are for breakfast.


— Illustration by Matt Rotman

Welcome, my friends, to the world’s newest Bananas Republic, otherwise known as the United States of America.

This isn’t that clothing store that once sold stuff you could wear to Third World countries, this one is as real as us. We’re a Bananas Republic because the faux-orange- haired fool at the helm of our listing, sinking ship is literally bananas, a moniker that is really more kind than it could be for someone who is actually just plain f’n nuts.

Last week there was a serial  mail bomber running loose, the subject of a nationwide manhunt.
With just a handful of days before our midterm elections, pipe bombs were delivered to high-profile members of the opposition party and his media nemesis CNN, who have been critical of Oval Office Occupant Donald.

Trump and his braying supporters suggested that the Democrats were sending the packages to themselves…

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