The Young and the Beautiful: Thanksgiving Edition — You’re All Served

The saga continues… bring hankie or long knife… target rich back stabbing environment.


Our Young and Beautiful couple, Ivy and Jerry, are still mired in the swamp, despite their attempts to escape back to the fabled Isle of Manhattan. Today we catch up with them in their tastefully decorated home within a few miles of the White Palace, where Ivy’s father, King Donald I, continues with his reign of terror. Ivy is seated at a French Provincial desk, frowning over a chessboard and some menus. On closer look, we see that the chess pieces each bear the name and likeness of a member of Ivy’s family. Enter Jerry.

logologoJerry: Why so lost in thought, my harvest princess? I thought you gave up your schmata business, and yet I see your worktable is covered with papers.
Ivy: This is not for any business venture. I am planning the Thanksgiving Feast for my father at the White Palace.
Jerry: If I may be permitted a…

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Calling All White Men


Donald Trump and the Republican Cult of White Men.

One cannot turn on the news or follow social media without the impression that there are serious problems in America.  I try not to freak out over every headline. I often remind myself that things have always been this way, there have always been struggles, wars, problems, evils in the world. It just seems like there’s more of it today, but then I remind myself that the Romans used to watch lions devour Christians in a public arena for sport, so at least there’s not that. Somehow society decided there was a line.

Most people are decent, I tell myself. Most people want certain things in life, a family, a career, a few bucks in the bank, and most people realize others want that, too. They can empathize. They don’t get in the way of someone else’s dream.

Most people.


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Nothing Has Changed Since Winston Churchill Said It


The Midterm Election’s warm glow of victory and its cold agony of defeat last Tuesday night lasted until Wednesday morning. That’s when formerly besieged, belittled and begrudged Democrats, who took back the House of Representatives from the raging Red Staters, swore to move the country forward despite Trumpian politics.

Incensed Trumpleforeskin threatened to retaliate against the Dems if they dared investigate him. For emphasis Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and temporarily replaced him with Matthew Whitaker, the former legal counsel of a shutdown company the Justice Department said swindled ordinary people out of almost $26 million.

The Reds think he is a fine addition to the Trumpian swamp lizards’ inner circle. How the swindler’s mouthpiece managed to obtain work in the upper echelons of the Justice Department desperately needs to be plumbed. How he got to be the Acting Attorney General of the United States can only be the…

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Speaking of Dignity…

Happy thoughts are here again.

MadMeg's Musings...

Depression and friendship are usually at opposite ends of the spectrum, for good reason. Friends really can get sick of the flaky friend who makes plans then bails then calls in needy fashion (or they’re high/drunk/over medicated) to talk your ear off for 3 hours just to bail again the next day. It’s understandable that relatively normal people eventually decide to throw the depressed ones out with Tuesday’s recycle. Even if it’s just for a month or two. Consider it a ‘friend cleanse’ minus the wheatgrass smoothie.

Tim Curry Tossing Drink GIF

And for the depressed ones it’s not much different. We count on those friends but then we are simultaneously repulsed and terrified of them; or rather, repulsed and terrified that either a.) we become them or b.) we won’t be come them.

Confused yet? Ya, me too. Isn’t depression fun?

Real friends will always point out what you’re doing right and they will…

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A Bananas Republic rots from the top down

Bananas are for breakfast.


— Illustration by Matt Rotman

Welcome, my friends, to the world’s newest Bananas Republic, otherwise known as the United States of America.

This isn’t that clothing store that once sold stuff you could wear to Third World countries, this one is as real as us. We’re a Bananas Republic because the faux-orange- haired fool at the helm of our listing, sinking ship is literally bananas, a moniker that is really more kind than it could be for someone who is actually just plain f’n nuts.

Last week there was a serial  mail bomber running loose, the subject of a nationwide manhunt.
With just a handful of days before our midterm elections, pipe bombs were delivered to high-profile members of the opposition party and his media nemesis CNN, who have been critical of Oval Office Occupant Donald.

Trump and his braying supporters suggested that the Democrats were sending the packages to themselves…

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