The Trump Dump: The Depths of a Shallow Man

Good story that eXposes both his shallowness and lack of character his entire life.


The most recent expose of Trumpco deceit, the one from the New York Times that documented real estate fraud and implicated golden girl Ivanka, adds more than just another prospective charge to the Trump rap sheet.

If not impeachment-worthy, the New York state courts now have indictable, non-pardonable crimes to pursue ranging from money laundering to abuse of the tax canon, non-profit regulations, as well as money-laundering and real estate fraud.

And while the investigative sniffers have uncovered many tasty truffles, the treasures unearthed are but an amuse-bouche in the seven course banquet of criminality that will be revealed once the testimony of Trump’s lawyer and long-time treasurer is detailed.

The Presidential limo could take Trump directly from Joe Biden’s inauguration to a Riker’s Island cell.

For the indictment-free present, the latest scandal pounds home the central theme of Trump’s life — he is himself a fraud. The scope of…

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