Scary times indeed, Mr. Trump


Women’s march in Washington D.C., 2017. — Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Dear Mr. Trump: (Sorry if I offend you by not addressing you as president, but I’m pretty sure you’re not even a reasonable facsimile.)

I heard you on the TV the other day saying how it’s a “scary time to be a young man in America” and I was thinking to myself, “fake news!” It’s always a good time to be a man in America! And then I scolded myself for being so dismissive of your great words and decided to re-educate myself.

As I was surfing the world wide web, I came across so many facts. Like, how degrading it must have been to work and not keep your earnings or to never be able to have property you owned in your name. That is, until 1839 when you were able to finally have that property title in your name…

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