Trump’s Tryst With His Russian Buddy Is Suddenly Very Revealing


One has to hand it to ol’ Trumpleforeskin for his foresight. This week the besieged buffoon revealed he hasn’t even read the ultra-sensitive Russian intelligence documents he ordered the Justice Department to declassify. Even though officials at Justice finally prevailed and Trump finally agreed to walk back the request, who would have believed such willingness to show his Russian buddies how we steal all their secrets?

LogoThe activities of disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn, the mysterious Carter Page, fired FBI agent and Trump piñata Peter Strzok, and obscure FBI agent and Russian expert Bruce Ohr, will be revealed if the intelligence community actually bows to Trump’s ludicrous demands. Trump, ever so callous, thinks the revelations will exonerate him of alleged collusion with the Russians.

It’s entirely possible Trump is tearing a page from Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump In The White House,” the former Washington Post reporter’s blockbuster account…

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