Could Jack Ryan Save Us From Ourselves?


Put a Tom Clancy twist on the sordid tale coming out of the White House and it smells strongly of malodorous intrigue.

Is the upheaval in the White House a coup-that-wasn’t or a quiet-rebellion-that-is? Clancy would ask why it isn’t apparent that something rather than someone is trying to usurp the power of the presidency.

Conventional wisdom suggests that no person or even a small group of malcontents can successfully take over the reins of leadership without being exposed, so what about this time?  Easy! Sometimes reality trumps fiction but never Clancy’s heroic character, the unflappable Jack Ryan.

What a cabal he’d face! In our Clancyesque tale, a band of dispirited Executive Branch power players is joined by members of a shat-upon federal bureaucracy, along with the combined might of select media chiefs and politicians, all ignoring the Constitution in their efforts to derail a madman, himself no stranger to…

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