The elephant in the room: Time for aging Boomers to make things right

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— Andrew Prendamino/The Shinbone Star

Back in the mid 70s I was a student at Amityville Memorial High on Long Island, and one of my teachers was a charismatic character who was bigger than life. I had him one year for world history and two incidents really stand out in my memory. The first was memorable for its execution as he demonstrated how kids went to school at another time in history. He was late and kids were starting to get restless when the classroom door BOOMED open and he crossed to the desk and kicked the trash can on a high arc to the rear of the room and yelled, “On your feet!”

Everyone scrambled to their feet, the tension in the air palpable, some shivered in fear…

“That’s how classes started in Sparta!” He smiled and said, “Take your seats.”

Then there was the lesson on “The Flaming…

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