Is there more to the attacks on Trump than meets the eye?


It is high time the focus shifted from the banal bloviations of the Great Bloviator to allow more attention on a different example of Donald Trump’s many afflictions.

Simply stated, the man is now semi-officially nuts. More to the point, the guy nominated to be a justice on the Supreme Court was selected by a babbling madman. In a few weeks, Brett Kavanaugh may well be the newest justice of the United States Supreme Court at a moment that only bodes well for Trump.

It is hard to say whether candidate Kavanaugh is a good appointment or not. The hard-core left despises him and the hard-core right sees him as the guy who will destroy Roe v. Wade.

At the center of the storm, another drama is unfolding in the Senate between its red and blue antagonists, the warring factions debating whether 42,000 pages of classified documents detailing the candidate’s…

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