Sen. John McCain passes after long battle with cancer


August 29, 1936 — August 25, 2018

John Sidney McCain III is no longer with us.

Whether undisciplined rich boy, Naval Academy screw-up, brave fighter pilot, tortured prisoner of war, U.S. senator, elder statesman, or conscience of the Republican Senate when any conscious at all was a dim candle barely flickering among dark clouds, his voice will no longer be heard.

McCain passed after battling brain cancer, battling Donald Trump, battling his fellow Republicans, battling Democrats, and battling anyone else with whom he disagreed. Some thoughtful people in our nation will mourn his passing. Others will celebrate, mocking the broken man who lost much of his mobility from torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors. Largely though, most folks won’t really give a crap, offering at most a shrug and “another politician bites the dust. Good riddance!”

That is what it has come to for our heroes.


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