His crowing was just . . . too annoying

There is a lesson here.


The author with 45, her rooster that just wouldn’t shut up.

A friend of mine and I recently took our roosters to a feed store to get adopted. Marie’s guy had gotten mean. Just going into the pen meant risking fingers, eyes, teeth. Mine was just loud. Even though we both live in a rural area, the sound carries. Doesn’t sit well with many of the neighbors, or me.

When you get a batch of chicks from a hatchery or feed supply, the “pickers” who are trained to separate the females from the males often don’t get it right. You can’t tell for sure with most breeds whether you got stuck with a rooster until the birds are about five months old. The day you hear that fateful crow, it’s a moment for the palm of your hand to slap your forehead.

My bird started yelling — oh, I mean…

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