Fearmongering, Fantasies, False Facts Earn Donald an ‘F’

Another good one MACellini on a roll.


“Fox and Friends’ ” so-called  “news anchor” Ainsley Earhardt sat across from Donald outside the Oval Office this week and tossed softball questions at the self-proclaimed “president for life.” She asked him for a grade on his job performance to date. Surprise: He gave himself an “A-plus.”

Not so fast, Donald. This isn’t reality television where you get to approve scripts and call all the shots. Your grade is much lower than that on all fronts based on your constant fear-mongering campaign, fantasies about what the country and world look like and your unrelenting barrage of false facts and outright lies on key issues.

Your grade is actually an “F,” and that’s being generous.

Let’s address your fear-mongering rhetorical blasts. When asked about the possibility of your being impeached in the wake of former personal lawyer Michael Cohen telling a federal judge earlier this week that you “directed” him to…

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