Donald Won’t, So Let’s Find Patriotic Touchstones to Bring Us Together

Good piece, something to think about


Join the project: The Shinbone Star invites you to share your “patriotic touchstone” ideas for bringing the country together. Keep them short. Keep them clean and not mean. We want constructive concepts that could reach across the emotional and often impractical arguments that divide us. Send your ideas as a comment at the end of this posting. We have a few thoughts of our own, so read MACinelli’s post below and get a jump-start on contributing to the conversation on how we can do Donald’s job for him. We are all Americans. We all love our country. Remove Donald’s constant attempts at dividing us and we believe there is much common ground that can restore respect — if nothing else — for each other.

Donald Trump hates what America stood for at home and abroad when he wasn’t president, which covers more than 200 years of our nation’s history…

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