It only takes one bozo

Will know answer soon.


The jet-setting dapper dandy from small potatoes Connecticut who used his burning ambition to be someone, certainly is a someone of the moment. Today his case goes to a jury of 12 people from around Alexandria, Va. The city is currently a Democratic bastion, but that can change in the region’s volatile politics that are more and more blue than red most of the time. It is no accident the government wanted the case tried there.

The quivering sliver of the American consciousness aware that nouveau riche, pretentious, pace setter Paul John Manafort is teetering on the edge of oblivion, didn’t complain too much after his defense team rested its case without a murmur. Nobody likes a guy who flaunts his wealth so he can be one of the big dogs.

Yesterday afternoon, the defendant with credentials made from gold-plated lead was taken out of his lawyer’s hands and placed…

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