The White House is gonna need a bigger revolving door

keebler Elf grows elf stones.


It was a grim-faced Jeff Sessions who finally grew a pair in response to Donnie’s taunts.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller holding a basket of indictments and standing tall behind diminutive U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the embattled A.G. showed some new elf stones of his own after his boss, Captain Bone Spurs, insulted him Wednesday with a double-barreled Twitter blast.

The Keebler Elf from Alabama got so mad that he back-talked Trump like he was some no account swamp dweller. The brouhaha started when the president decided to throw out due process in a complicated intelligence-gathering case by trying to use the Justice Department as his personal pit bull.

The reborn Iron Elf replied to Trump’s accusation that his Justice Department leadership is “DISGRACEFUL” by going on the attack. With a wee dagger thrust, Sessions jabbed Trump in the windpipe and stuffed a snarky message down his throat, proclaiming…

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