So many are leaving Trump that it’s hard to keep track

Free life jackets n needed for sinking ship.


Psycho Donald Trump’s Oval Office administration has watched 37 of its members get fired or be forced to resign in just over a year.

That’s more turnover than “The Apprentice,” his unreality teevee show. Quite literally, in fact, according to a Washington newspaper count. Trump’s television show would lose 15 people a season. The Oval Office circus isn’t even a half season old.

David Sorensen, a member of the Trump administration’s speechwriting team, is the latest to resign after being accused of domestic abuse by his two ex-wives. He claims HE was the victim — but then resigned because he is innocent. Huh?

A few days ago, Rob Porter, White House staff secretary, resigned after photos and a story detailing his domestic violence against two ex-wives. Both women said they informed the FBI of their allegations in January 2017 while being interviewed by agents as part of Porter’s security clearance review.


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