Endless War in Afghanistan Promises More Of the Same

never ending war


A British-Indian force attacks the Ghazni fort during the First Afghan War, 1839.

On New Year’s Day 2018, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Mihail Golin died of injuries sustained from enemy small arms fire while on patrol in the Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, an Islamic State stronghold close to the Pakistani border. He was the first American soldier killed in the 17th year of the Afghan war.


The 34-year old career soldier died in pursuit of the latest “new” strategy to subdue the so-called graveyard of empires that has fiercely resisted foreign occupation for 3,000 years. The gateway between Asia and Europe was conquered by Darius I of Babylonia circa 500 B.C., and by Alexander the Great of Macedonia in 329 B.C. Since then, it has battled just about every empire to come down the pike. Sometimes it won, sometimes it lost, but it has never been put down…

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