Forget DACA, time to take the bull by the horns

Time to follow the money.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ran a good race, but choked at the finish line.

One day after the hugely successful Women’s March ended the Democrats blinked, allowing Psycho Don and his cabal of Republican toadies to claim an unexpected victory in the profoundly cruel immigration debate. It was a hollow victory indeed, leaving 800,000 young people in precarious legal limbo while the politicians played with their broken lives, but a victory nonetheless.

In the wings stood U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s longtime crony Steve Miller, the sinister Reinhardt Heydrich lookalike and Trump confidant who basks in reports he is the architect behind the largest mass deportation of humans in North America history. The glaring racist and Trump stooge continues to gain favor with Herr Trump while the twaddle spouting nitwit chips away at the few remaining White House minders the Republicans put in place to keep him from his…

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