Yes, be outraged. But don’t forget to follow the money.

What he said.


The knee-jerk reaction by pundits and talking heads to Mr. Trump’s vulgar “shithole” remarks is the type of Trumpian diversion that crops up every time the president reveals that he’s still an idiot.

The public conscience is therefore once again aghast because Mr. Trump called less-developed countries shitholes. It is crude, indelicate, inappropriate talk that reflects his disdain for other mortals, cultures, races and foreign places.

It also begs the question, “What else is new?”

Trump is by definition a snotty, potty-mouthed and stupid person with the type of sophomoric sense of humor that rich boys of his ilk favor in private conversation. Try waiting tables at a wealthy wedding party to learn more. His demeaning nature is evident in the way he writes, in his sneer, and in his arrogance of privilege. It does not, however, make him an expert on shitholes.

Trump’s experience of wallowing in shitholes is…

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