Trump takes vengeance on 7-Eleven after coffee cups predict popular vote

Nailed it. 100 cities, 21 arrests, pathetic. What a waste of talent, urgency and resources. Mr.Trump is melting down, trying to find a place in history for his Trumplandian schemes.



A sardonic and slightly cheeky headline for NBC News’ online webpage this week delivered this provocative banner: “Immigration agents raid 7-Eleven stores nationwide, arrest 21 people in biggest crackdown of Trump era.”

Untold money and manpower, targeting 100 stores, all for 21 arrests. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan didn’t admit why ICE targeted the chain, which has 8,500 stores in the United States alone. But Homan blustered on about protecting jobs for American workers, then gave managers three days to verify the citizenship of its employees.

Aside from the fact that you couldn’t pay most native-born workers to sling Slurpees on the overnight shift at 7-Eleven, it’s incredulous to run a nationwide sting on the stores, which are individually owned and managed by franchisees.

It probably had more to do with the chain’s annual poll, since 2000, that predicts the winner of a presidential election by asking…

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