Forget DACA, time to take the bull by the horns

Time to follow the money.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ran a good race, but choked at the finish line.

One day after the hugely successful Women’s March ended the Democrats blinked, allowing Psycho Don and his cabal of Republican toadies to claim an unexpected victory in the profoundly cruel immigration debate. It was a hollow victory indeed, leaving 800,000 young people in precarious legal limbo while the politicians played with their broken lives, but a victory nonetheless.

In the wings stood U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s longtime crony Steve Miller, the sinister Reinhardt Heydrich lookalike and Trump confidant who basks in reports he is the architect behind the largest mass deportation of humans in North America history. The glaring racist and Trump stooge continues to gain favor with Herr Trump while the twaddle spouting nitwit chips away at the few remaining White House minders the Republicans put in place to keep him from his…

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Will the DACA impasse force a government shutdown?


There are only a few days left until the government of the United States of America shuts down like some shithole country with a tinpot dictator and a Cabinet of petty tyrants puking all over each other on their slippery climb to the top. Behind them, standing shoulder to shoulder, are their bought-and-paid-for solons with no dignity beyond what their black hearts and marshmallow spines can buy.

Even a brief shutdown is likely to seal the fate of the Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats, while arguing fiercely not to let such a shameful event occur in America even if it’s the Republicans who are doing it, are whispering “yes, yes, yes” in the sotto voce of politicians looking for a sympathetic ear.

As dense as President Donald Trump is, he must already know that, so why must he persist in playing his special hand of idiot poker unless to prove…

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Missouri governor admits to infidelity, maybe bondage, but not blackmail

MOGO… Missorui governor is a heap of trouble.


greitens4n-3-webHappiness is a big gun for Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri, who has been coiffed by his former love interest and private hairdresser.

Missouri Gov. Eric R. Greitens, the machine gun toting Republican who campaigned with a trademark black rifle and promises to end corruption and promote family values, now stands accused of infidelity, bondage and blackmail by his former hairdresser.

Missouri Democrats are already demanding his resignation. Some Republicans he has attacked in the last year are downright gleeful.

The former Democrat often used his wife and family as props in his televised campaign ads about virtue and fidelity — when he wasn’t blowing things up with his automatic rifle to demonstrate what he had in mind for scalawags and poltroons hanging around the state capital. Despised by labor, African Americans and especially liberals, Greitens has admitted to the titillating affair, but denies blackmail.

The alleged victim’s ex-husband blew…

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Yes, be outraged. But don’t forget to follow the money.

What he said.


The knee-jerk reaction by pundits and talking heads to Mr. Trump’s vulgar “shithole” remarks is the type of Trumpian diversion that crops up every time the president reveals that he’s still an idiot.

The public conscience is therefore once again aghast because Mr. Trump called less-developed countries shitholes. It is crude, indelicate, inappropriate talk that reflects his disdain for other mortals, cultures, races and foreign places.

It also begs the question, “What else is new?”

Trump is by definition a snotty, potty-mouthed and stupid person with the type of sophomoric sense of humor that rich boys of his ilk favor in private conversation. Try waiting tables at a wealthy wedding party to learn more. His demeaning nature is evident in the way he writes, in his sneer, and in his arrogance of privilege. It does not, however, make him an expert on shitholes.

Trump’s experience of wallowing in shitholes is…

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Trump takes vengeance on 7-Eleven after coffee cups predict popular vote

Nailed it. 100 cities, 21 arrests, pathetic. What a waste of talent, urgency and resources. Mr.Trump is melting down, trying to find a place in history for his Trumplandian schemes.



A sardonic and slightly cheeky headline for NBC News’ online webpage this week delivered this provocative banner: “Immigration agents raid 7-Eleven stores nationwide, arrest 21 people in biggest crackdown of Trump era.”

Untold money and manpower, targeting 100 stores, all for 21 arrests. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan didn’t admit why ICE targeted the chain, which has 8,500 stores in the United States alone. But Homan blustered on about protecting jobs for American workers, then gave managers three days to verify the citizenship of its employees.

Aside from the fact that you couldn’t pay most native-born workers to sling Slurpees on the overnight shift at 7-Eleven, it’s incredulous to run a nationwide sting on the stores, which are individually owned and managed by franchisees.

It probably had more to do with the chain’s annual poll, since 2000, that predicts the winner of a presidential election by asking…

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Oprah as presidential timber


Editor’s Note:  A misconception about newspapers and the journalists who work for them is that they’re all unabashed liberals. In my 30+ years in the business, I met plenty of liberals, but also conservatives who attended NASCAR events and had big gun collections. The defining characteristic of a newspaper journalist is one who can set aside personal beliefs during the time they’re on the job. Today’s first Point/Counterpoint feature by Shinbone staff writers Gaynell Terrell and Nathaniel Helms is a fine illustration that in the newspaper business, we don’t all think alike. — G.R.

Her appeal sets political world on fire

Oprah Winfrey celebrates the opening of the Leadership Academy for Girls, a school for underprivileged girls, founded in 2002. The school was inspired by her own disadvantaged childhood.


“I’ll be on Morning Joe tomorrow to offer my predictions about Oprah’s second term ‘cabinet.’ Won’t speculate…

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Forget Trump. Facts Show Our World Is Getting Better.


Thanks Time magazine for reminding us that the world doesn’t revolve around the mad man currently occupying the White House.

Fact: “The number of children in the world who die before their fifth birthday has dropped in half since 1990, meaning that 122 million children have been saved in a quarter century and countless families have been spared the heartbreak of losing a child.”

In his editorial  — “The Good News” — leading offTime’s most recent issue, guest editor Bill Gates of Microsoft fame walks us through just how the world around us has improved significantly during the past few decades. He admits that news coverage of world events during the past year would not leave most people feeling upbeat about the prospects for life improving around the world in 2018.

“Hurricanes in the Americas. Horrific mass shootings. Global tensions over nuclear arms, crisis in Myanmar, bloody civil…

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Chilling, and I’m not even talking about the weather


Way back in July, Psycho Donald Trump told a crowd at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, that “with the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office.”

As the beginning of his second year of Oval Office occupancy looms on the landscape, the nation and world suffer his immaculate self-deception. The only thing Psycho Don has been master of is prevarication, untruthfulness and outright bullshit.

Psycho and his daft press spokeswoman Sarah “Huckster” Sanders have kept an army of fact-checkers out of the unemployment office. His and her lies are legendary, and they smash their own records daily. They’ve spawned a whole cottage industry of comedic television skits during the year. Does this qualify as “job creation?”

Psycho Don appears to suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect, which holds that the least competent people often believe they are the most competent. Back…

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Psycho Don hoisted on his own petard


BBC photo

“It’s the same old story, yeah
Everywhere I go
I get slandered, libeled
I hear words I never heard in the Bible..”
— Paul Simon, ‘Keep the Customer Satisfied’

Journalist Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” a chronicle of Psycho Donald Trump’s behind the scenes turbulent White House, is the book we all imagined and hoped for.

Of course Psycho and his legal turkeys tried to stop distribution, an attempted move of First Amendment censorship never before seen in White House history.

Too late, Big Fat Dumb Donald, the thing is flying off the shelves at bookstores and as digital media. Wolff is laughing all the way to the bank and you are a laughingstock, sucker.

Naturally, The Donald is screaming (literally) for stronger libel laws so he can sue. How usual for him.

Even though Sarah “Huckster” Sanders and Psycho are in total denial, working journalists say Wolff…

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Sessions wants to stop pot in America


Clash of the Titans: Mini-Titan Jeff Sessions vs. pot enthusiasts like this one in California. (California photo courtesy of Rolling Stone)

Jeff Sessions has been talking about cracking down on states where marijuana is legal since the moment he became U.S. Attorney General. The Hill is reporting that Sessions intends to ditch an Obama-era law prohibiting federal interference in states that have legalized marijuana.

Odds are Sessions won’t be around to do it, and even if he is, he may not have the ability. Stopping him is the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, a single paragraph of federal law that prohibits the Justice Department from spending even one cent to prosecute medical marijuana users and sellers operating legally under state law. Sessions wants it rescinded. Whether it will go or he will go remains to be seen.

Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are expected to exceed $5…

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