Trump Is Indisputably the P.T. Barnum of American Politics


Donald J. Trump is the undisputed P.T. Barnum of American politics.

Mr. Barnum — who died in 1891 — was an American politician, showman, and businessman remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. In describing his persona, Mr. Barnum reportedly said: “I am a showman by profession . . . and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me.” His personal aim was “to put money in my coffers.” He is widely, but erroneously, credited with coining the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute”

Could it be that Trump authored that “sucker born” comment in his widely read and frequently quoted biography “Art of the Deal?”

What earns Trump the “greatest showman” title so proudly worn by Barnum? Start with a lengthy stint as a reality television program star where he got to “fire” folks each week, which brought him millions of…

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