After palpable relief, then what


I begin with an apology.

My son was in high school, and among his college considerations was the University of Alabama. I said then that my son, a bandsman, would make a good addition to that fine program and would probably be welcomed.

“You have all your own teeth, so they’ll love that,” I said, forgetting that my wife, seated next to me at the dinner table has lots of relatives in Alabama.

Anyway, I apologize. It was wrong of me to say that. Funny, but wrong.

But let’s all let bygones be bygones, at least until the next election, OK? There’s always another election, as you know.

Oh, and I might or might not have said the difference between Alabama’s rednecks and Georgia’s crackers is that the latter group moved up in the world and got snooty.

But let’s set up a few points of discussion in the aftermath…

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