Fighting For Peace Is Too Expensive


Seven generations of young Americans have marched off to war since World War II ended in September 1945. Everyone who came home was grateful. Some also came home old men. More were lifelong cynics filled with disgust over what they’d done in the name of freedom and humanity. Too many came home in a box. Some even killed themselves, many at Christmastime.

The only thing that really changed about military suicide since 1945 is the number of veterans who die by their own hand. Endless years of both low- and high-intensity conflict without an endgame has produced more veterans committing suicide at a faster clip than all the other “at-risk” groups combined. That is a hell of a thing to be best at.

In response, last week Mr. Trump’s administration tried to kill a modest program to ease homelessness among veterans. Homelessness, helplessness, and suicide ride the same train. The Mango Muffin’s Veteran’s…

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