We’ve seen this movie before. Electing Moore won’t end well


wacoDavid Koresh led his followers to a fiery death at Waco. Investigators were looking into reports of child brides and weapons caches.

In the universe of cults that didn’t end well, the People’s Temple in Guyana, Heaven’s Gate in Los Angeles and the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, are notorious.

Add to that the state of Alabama? That’s a lot of funny kool-aid.

Forbes magazine, not exactly in the ranks of the liberal fringe, published an article Monday by political author Chris Ladd suggesting elements of the Republican Party have become a cult, and comparing it to the late Marshall Applewhite and his Heaven’s Gate followers. That party didn’t end well.

To Ladd’s point, the Bible-waving Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, twice removed from the state supreme court, has attracted his own no-questions-asked cult-like following, even in light of credible evidence the man sought out teens as young as 14…

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