Trump behaved badly. So why isn’t he being held accountable?


President Trump creepily grabs the hand of Brigitte Macron, wife of the French president, while checking her out.

At the risk of beating a comatose horse, let it just be said that I for one am getting kind of tired of the whole sexual harassment fiasco. The #metoo movement (which I joined several weeks ago) is already getting old for me.

Let’s get this straight: Women have been sexually harassed ever since they stepped across the doorstep of any office building, any business, any establishment, any job. It used to be expected for men to flirt with waitresses, for instance. And the waitresses had to go along with it, it was their job, it was understood, unless they were mavericks.

So now, is “oh, you look nice today!” a term of sexual harassment, for any sex? If so, women need to step up at this point. They need to draw…

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