God reveals that the GOP is the only safe harbor for Christians


A good Christian boy prepares to graduate from Liberty University.

The $1.45 trillion deficit-producing tax plan hovering over Americans will remain in jeopardy until Republicans succeed in ramming it through the congressional orifice. Republican leadership has been passing out juicy enticements to the few remaining skeptics who have not shown the slightest concern for their constituents.

In that steamy atmosphere, The Shinbone Star used a chance encounter to question a Republican lawyer, political activist and lifelong religious conservative about his undergraduate education at arch-conservative Liberty University. It’s just the stuff for Sunday fare.

Last May at Liberty, Mr. Trump chortled that his presidency was firmly behind the tax-free, billion-dollar shrine to neo-conservative religious thought. Trump’s stirring pronouncement was offered during his commencement speech at the university’s Lynchburg, Va. campus:

“Liberty University is a place where they really have true champions and you have a simple creed that you live by, to be, really, champions…

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