Bathing the dog no match to remedy bloviation plague


Alabama’s child-chasing Judge Roy Moore was on TV when my dog started scratching. Fleas on a varmint are common in Missouri. For example, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt has more fleas than a barnyard chicken. I put two and two together and Millie got bathed. Too bad I can’t put Roy and Roy through the same bathwater and have them come out as vermin-free as her.

“We need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” President Donald Trump tweeted bright and early Monday morning. While testimonials against Judge Moore abound, the Orange Muffin offered his full endorsement, preferring to believe Moore’s blanket denial of any sexual misconduct.

Of course he does. Tiny Hands didn’t do anything either, according to him. Billy Bush and the seven-member crew on the bus where Trump offered his experiences with women are all lying. The “highest-rated bloviater,” Bush called him. That was wonderful.

Bloviation is a style of…

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