The delicious irony in Trump’s hiring of Flynn


Outgoing President Barack Obama warned Donald Trump in 2016: Do Not Hire Michael Flynn!

So what did Psycho Don do? He hired Michael Flynn.

Why, you may or may not ask, would he do that? Because Psycho hates all things Obama.

As I’ve written before, the root goes back to the fateful night in 2011 when Obama roasted Donald over his “birther movement” that had demanded Obama show the world his birth certificate.

Obama did and Psycho had to eat a large platter of crow, publicly.

At the dinner, Psycho was a guest of the Washington Post. Go figure, it’s a newspaper he loves to hate. Trump reportedly left quickly, in a red-faced huff and dragging Melania behind. Even though Psycho has denied it, the fact he decided to run for the Oval Office was the result of that roasting.

Sadly, he won election to the hallowed room, and…

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