A year later and still #SMH



One year ago, the world as we knew it officially ended. A guy all Americans openly mocked became our president and nothing would be the same again.

The election of Donald J. Trump destroyed any serious talk of a political revolution for the common man, though it pawned itself off as exactly that.

Old, orange and openly racist, Trump ushered in the next level of American “idiocracy.”

Trump was and is a reality star president who is now a luminary in an alt-right universe where you Tweet first and asks questions later. Short on facts and knowledge, the Trump presidency is everything we feared when a Hollywood actor crashed the White House for the first time back in 1980.

Gone forever is the dignity of the office and the illusion of Camelot.

Donald Trump became king of the vapid and commander-in-chief in a keystroke — perfect for the information age.

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Conservative women: ‘Federalist’ writer thinks they’re hot


Writer says conservative women are “especially attractive.” From left, Kellyanne Conway, Danielle Pletka and Betsy Devos.

What is WRONG with these women!?!

We confess we are puzzled about what makes conservative women tick. We watch them on talk shows and wonder how intelligent, educated women agree to become second-class citizens in a Republican world. And just among us girls, how do they hide their jackboots and Kalashnikovs inside those stylish heels and designer bags.

We do know they will rip your guts out in a frenzied rage if you dare suggest they are not submissive, delicate helpmates to their all-knowing husbands. They will cross the nation speaking to legions of other submissive helpmates to protest that their place is in the home. And we know they are not, as a Florida blog writer wants you to believe, “essential womanhood.”

“What’s up with this concentration of incredibly attractive young, conservative women?”…

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Crazy People With Guns, Part Deux


On Monday, President Donald Trump was quoted across America as saying that the 26 people shot dead in a Texas church by a well-armed crazy person was a “mental health problem” and not “a guns situation.”

Mr. Trump was in Tokyo insulting the Japanese between bouts of blowhardiness and golf when he offered his presidential opinion. He was interrupted while haranguing the Japanese for not building more cars in America when word arrived that the homeland had suffered another mass shooting.

When he got the bad news, Mr. Trump had just finished reminding the Japanese that their country was once a vassal of the United States. There is no report of whether he was still wearing his Tom Cruise look-alike Top Gun fighter pilot jacket and matching baseball cap.

Of course Japan doesn’t have a gun problem either; their gun laws are draconian. So the question becomes, should America take Mr…

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The world may be laughing, but they’re laughing at Donald Trump



For almost two years, Oval Office Occupant Donald J. “Psycho” Trump has promised Americans that he was going to make “great trade deals.”

He did it again this week during a Cabinet meeting press moment. While reading from notes, he bumbled and lied through his tiny mouth. In fact he has yet to make a deal. Instead, he has pissed off more countries than he’s befriended.

While spouting off about our nation’s trade deficits, he couldn’t remember how much China exports to the United States, which he has screamed about for years. Instead, he declared that the figure was so great that he “didn’t want to embarrass anyone. But, you know what it is,” he mumbled.

Since when has The Donald not cared about embarrassing someone? Especially if that someone is named Barack Obama?

He moved on. Referring to the New York City attack where a “homegrown“ terrorist used a truck…

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When it comes to terror in America, the flavor is important


Tragedies come in all forms and days and reasons. Yesterday in New York City, a “domestically radicalized” nut bag named Sayfullo Saipov wiped out a bicycle lane full of people with a rented truck. Five of the dead were Argentineans celebrating a life of friendship. Another was a Belgian citizen. Saipov is not going to die — for the moment. President Donald Trump wants to try him, find him guilty, and fry him faster than chicken in a fast-food joint.

No doubt Saipov deserves it. After wiping out a long row of people on the bike path he slammed his heavy-duty pickup into a small school bus, injuring four passengers. Altogether eight people died and 11 were injured. It was another day of slaughter in the Big Apple, another day of tragedy in America, and another day of terror in the world.

Held deep in the tragedy is an unintended…

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U.S. engaged in protecting French-owned uranium interests in Niger


A C-130 U.S. Air Force plane lands as Nigerien soldiers stand in formation during the Flintlock military exercise in Diffa, Niger March 8, 2014.

ROT, my colleague Macinelli’s cleverly coined acronym for Republicans For Trump, probably didn’t have time to sigh in relief because the imbroglio in Niger slipped into back-page oblivion. Who wants to talk about a war out of view when there are so many battles being fought on the White House lawn? One of them is even over Canadian uranium and who did what to whom while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

While the story percolated, folks learned which Trumpsters were heading for the dumpster. Ironically, nailing those thugs seriously trumped the secret war in Niger, part of a much loftier American effort across Africa to obtain mineral rights and beneficial treaties with the warlords and tribal kings running most of “the Dark Continent.”

Before the…

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