A Great Stinking Wind Is Stirring


White House, Washington, D.C. — Ersatz Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump joined legendary World War II Navajo code talkers yesterday to insult them and find out whether they can help him with some personal matters. Five sources who were in the Oval Office told The Shinbone Star that the Mango Marauder was talking about uncontrollable flatulence.

“I know you guys can make the wind talk,” Mr. Trump reportedly told the confused warriors. “I saw what you did in a really great movie, “Windtalkers,” which I think it was about Vietnam, but maybe it was one of those other Pacific paradises you guys fought at before I was even a stain on the mattress cover. Maybe Rocket Man starred in it. Great job by the way, did you guys kill anyone? My war was against venereal disease. If you ever get it, you won’t think it’s so funny.

“Anyway, to be honest — and I’m…

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