It’s a dog’s world in Alabama


rollcallSenate candidate Roy Moore and wife Kayla tussle over her pistol at a recent ceremony. Kayla has asked her Facebook friends to report any contact  by the news media. (Photo by Roll Call)

The burgeoning #MeToo Movement sweeping Hollywood, New York, Washington and obscure places south has really taken hold. My little Frenchy, Millie, turned a cold shoulder to Elmer the Beagle this morning. Elmer is a leg hound from the country with no couth.

Until now Millie never seemed bothered by his boorish, oft’ disgusting behavior. When he annoyed her, she bit him. When a more aggressive little pampered pooh-pooh annoyed her, Mildred — that’s her given name — dragged him around the back yard by his face until he was rescued. That rash little fellow never bothered her again. There is a lesson there.

Millie’s agitation had been building since she began watching hours and hours of CNN…

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