Groping is not a thrill, when you’re the gropee


bushGeorge H. W. Bush has apologized after seven women accused him of groping their asses.

Blowback has already set in regarding the “Me Too” complaints of women who have reported unwanted sexual advances or harassment. And like everything else we eat, sleep, drink or think these days, it’s become divided on political lines.

We want to make a couple of quick observations. First, it took a male journalist to call attention to this story in the mainstream newsfeed. And secondly, it runs the risk of becoming a Flavor of the Month topic with much hullabaloo now, and nothing later in terms of real change. The girl who cried wolf runs the risk of being ignored.

The question now before the nation is, if Democratic Sen. Al Franken is forced to resign because of a vindicate hard kiss to the mouth and an adolescent groping photo, should Republican at-the-moment Donald Trump…

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