Trump’s multiple personality disorder is gonna get us killed


Who can forget those badge-heavy rascals Starsky & Hutch vigorously inflicting their unique good cop/bad cop routine on the neighborhood dope dealers; alternating bouts of endearment and tough love upside the head until they saw the light?

It’s a classic formula: two cops, extremely different personalities, coming together for a common goal. Sort of like Mr. Trump and his covetous Gang of Four.

Thanks to his cranial collection of competing personalities, Mr. Trump is the first President able to try the  good cop/bad cop routine solo. The Marmalade Muffin is so adept at being several morons simultaneously that he’s angered confused and befuddled most of the world’s great minds. Not even koi are immune.

Last week, in response to a Rocket Man trash bash, Mr. Trump claimed he would never call Kim “short and fat” before blowing him away.

“Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend — and maybe someday that will happen!” The epitome of a…

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