A year later and still #SMH



One year ago, the world as we knew it officially ended. A guy all Americans openly mocked became our president and nothing would be the same again.

The election of Donald J. Trump destroyed any serious talk of a political revolution for the common man, though it pawned itself off as exactly that.

Old, orange and openly racist, Trump ushered in the next level of American “idiocracy.”

Trump was and is a reality star president who is now a luminary in an alt-right universe where you Tweet first and asks questions later. Short on facts and knowledge, the Trump presidency is everything we feared when a Hollywood actor crashed the White House for the first time back in 1980.

Gone forever is the dignity of the office and the illusion of Camelot.

Donald Trump became king of the vapid and commander-in-chief in a keystroke — perfect for the information age.

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