Conservative women: ‘Federalist’ writer thinks they’re hot


Writer says conservative women are “especially attractive.” From left, Kellyanne Conway, Danielle Pletka and Betsy Devos.

What is WRONG with these women!?!

We confess we are puzzled about what makes conservative women tick. We watch them on talk shows and wonder how intelligent, educated women agree to become second-class citizens in a Republican world. And just among us girls, how do they hide their jackboots and Kalashnikovs inside those stylish heels and designer bags.

We do know they will rip your guts out in a frenzied rage if you dare suggest they are not submissive, delicate helpmates to their all-knowing husbands. They will cross the nation speaking to legions of other submissive helpmates to protest that their place is in the home. And we know they are not, as a Florida blog writer wants you to believe, “essential womanhood.”

“What’s up with this concentration of incredibly attractive young, conservative women?”…

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