Crazy People With Guns, Part Deux


On Monday, President Donald Trump was quoted across America as saying that the 26 people shot dead in a Texas church by a well-armed crazy person was a “mental health problem” and not “a guns situation.”

Mr. Trump was in Tokyo insulting the Japanese between bouts of blowhardiness and golf when he offered his presidential opinion. He was interrupted while haranguing the Japanese for not building more cars in America when word arrived that the homeland had suffered another mass shooting.

When he got the bad news, Mr. Trump had just finished reminding the Japanese that their country was once a vassal of the United States. There is no report of whether he was still wearing his Tom Cruise look-alike Top Gun fighter pilot jacket and matching baseball cap.

Of course Japan doesn’t have a gun problem either; their gun laws are draconian. So the question becomes, should America take Mr…

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