The world may be laughing, but they’re laughing at Donald Trump



For almost two years, Oval Office Occupant Donald J. “Psycho” Trump has promised Americans that he was going to make “great trade deals.”

He did it again this week during a Cabinet meeting press moment. While reading from notes, he bumbled and lied through his tiny mouth. In fact he has yet to make a deal. Instead, he has pissed off more countries than he’s befriended.

While spouting off about our nation’s trade deficits, he couldn’t remember how much China exports to the United States, which he has screamed about for years. Instead, he declared that the figure was so great that he “didn’t want to embarrass anyone. But, you know what it is,” he mumbled.

Since when has The Donald not cared about embarrassing someone? Especially if that someone is named Barack Obama?

He moved on. Referring to the New York City attack where a “homegrown“ terrorist used a truck…

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