When it comes to terror in America, the flavor is important


Tragedies come in all forms and days and reasons. Yesterday in New York City, a “domestically radicalized” nut bag named Sayfullo Saipov wiped out a bicycle lane full of people with a rented truck. Five of the dead were Argentineans celebrating a life of friendship. Another was a Belgian citizen. Saipov is not going to die — for the moment. President Donald Trump wants to try him, find him guilty, and fry him faster than chicken in a fast-food joint.

No doubt Saipov deserves it. After wiping out a long row of people on the bike path he slammed his heavy-duty pickup into a small school bus, injuring four passengers. Altogether eight people died and 11 were injured. It was another day of slaughter in the Big Apple, another day of tragedy in America, and another day of terror in the world.

Held deep in the tragedy is an unintended…

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