Trump distracts while Pence panders to special interests

Midweek review



In case anybody missed it, the latest news cycle is focused on what Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker think of Donald Trump. In short, they think he is a skunk.

Donald Trump, true to form, is blasting back from his fortress deep in the bowels of the White House, using his new Twitter Rail Gun account.

And while all eyes were on the musketry action, Republicans skulking late in the night on Tuesday ripped off Americans by denying them the right to jointly sue the big financial institutions that inflict financial harm on them. Mike Pence, freshly groomed and spruce as always, voted the tie-breaker to kill the inconvenient (to the financial companies) consumer protection right.

As if to celebrate Pence’s power to undermine the rights of the American people, a radio station called Radio Aryan published what it considers to be an anti-gay poster of Pence in leather…

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