Few answers on Niger, but the trouble is nobody’s even asking the questions


Being at the back of the pack waiting in a long line to pee on the proverbial White House fire hydrant provides a certain perspective. From my unique view, it appears the current subject the big dogs up front are peeing all over is the wrong one. While there is a need to examine the dead soldier in Niger controversy that has exploded into a five-day and climbing shitstorm over personalities, veracity, disrespect, etc., etc., that sad story is merely the bleed over from the real saga.

The real story here is obscured from view because the master of misdirection has once again ignited a firestorm that consumes reason like a good lasagna, this time disguising the truth with ignominious pathos. The other story is about undeclared war, military adventurism, the melding of military and mercenary forces, unspoken international alliances, and the rise of Machiavellian masters of war lurking in…

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