Trump makes mockery of Russia sanctions mandated by Congress

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Trying to shoehorn a story about a serious failure of law after endless days of chaotic news cycles is a tough sell, especially after Congress announced it is horrified that it passed an opioid law by unanimous consent that left a few hundred-thousand addicts moldering in their graves. Who knew?

Meanwhile the Pumpkin President insulted the survivors of America’s war dead who immediately received all the honors a president can bestow from Mr. Trump’s predecessor. Two weeks after four soldiers died in Niger, the Chump-In-Chief told reporters his condolence letters will soon be in the mail.

Fading quickly from this news cycle is the fat white guy who purloined the virtues of winsome starlets already on a crusade to discover which one of them suffered the worst.

What isn’t being discussed is the hoopla-heavy Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017 that Trump grudgingly signed on Aug. 3.  The law ostensibly mandates he enforce Congress’ sanctions against…

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