By George, I think we’ve got it!


George Papadopoulos, highlighted at left, at a meeting with Donald Trump.

On this monumental Monday in American political history, it seems appropriate to examine the so-called fake news that’s been whipping around the nether since Mr. Trump slithered into the national conscience. Today it bit him on his luxurious, padded behind.

And what a marvelous lesson.

Mr. Trump’s never understood that most journalists, like cops and lawyers and doctors, strive for honesty in their reporting. Their accuracy and integrity is the mantle on which they place their authority to tell the rest of the nation what is true.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, attracts sleazy little people with no regard for human decency, much less the government they tried to suborn. Such a person is obscure Mr. George Papadopoulos, one of three nefarious characters in Mr. Trump’s cabal of buffoons and scalawags who got gobsmacked after coffee this morning.

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Trump distracts while Pence panders to special interests

Midweek review



In case anybody missed it, the latest news cycle is focused on what Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker think of Donald Trump. In short, they think he is a skunk.

Donald Trump, true to form, is blasting back from his fortress deep in the bowels of the White House, using his new Twitter Rail Gun account.

And while all eyes were on the musketry action, Republicans skulking late in the night on Tuesday ripped off Americans by denying them the right to jointly sue the big financial institutions that inflict financial harm on them. Mike Pence, freshly groomed and spruce as always, voted the tie-breaker to kill the inconvenient (to the financial companies) consumer protection right.

As if to celebrate Pence’s power to undermine the rights of the American people, a radio station called Radio Aryan published what it considers to be an anti-gay poster of Pence in leather…

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Few answers on Niger, but the trouble is nobody’s even asking the questions


Being at the back of the pack waiting in a long line to pee on the proverbial White House fire hydrant provides a certain perspective. From my unique view, it appears the current subject the big dogs up front are peeing all over is the wrong one. While there is a need to examine the dead soldier in Niger controversy that has exploded into a five-day and climbing shitstorm over personalities, veracity, disrespect, etc., etc., that sad story is merely the bleed over from the real saga.

The real story here is obscured from view because the master of misdirection has once again ignited a firestorm that consumes reason like a good lasagna, this time disguising the truth with ignominious pathos. The other story is about undeclared war, military adventurism, the melding of military and mercenary forces, unspoken international alliances, and the rise of Machiavellian masters of war lurking in…

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Trump makes mockery of Russia sanctions mandated by Congress

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Nothing to see here . . .

Trying to shoehorn a story about a serious failure of law after endless days of chaotic news cycles is a tough sell, especially after Congress announced it is horrified that it passed an opioid law by unanimous consent that left a few hundred-thousand addicts moldering in their graves. Who knew?

Meanwhile the Pumpkin President insulted the survivors of America’s war dead who immediately received all the honors a president can bestow from Mr. Trump’s predecessor. Two weeks after four soldiers died in Niger, the Chump-In-Chief told reporters his condolence letters will soon be in the mail.

Fading quickly from this news cycle is the fat white guy who purloined the virtues of winsome starlets already on a crusade to discover which one of them suffered the worst.

What isn’t being discussed is the hoopla-heavy Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017 that Trump grudgingly signed on Aug. 3.  The law ostensibly mandates he enforce Congress’ sanctions against…

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Trump Exposes His own Ignorance In a Mealy-Mouthed Utterance About A Fallen Soldier

A stroy from the heart.


This morning all the news folks were venting about the ostensible Commander-In-Chief of our nation’s war fighters being cruelly insensitive to the wife of a slain Army sergeant. Mr. Trump today denied the account of Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), that he told the grieving widow, “He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”

President Sensitive immediately twitted his disregard for human decency: “Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”

CNN noted that he did not immediately provide the proof to back his claim.

Ms. Wilson made her stunning claim Tuesday night, saying she was present when Trump called the soldier’s widow. This morning she claimed that Mr. Trump “didn’t even know his name.”

And thus the death of one of America’s finest has become a political football.

The draft-dodging orange…

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As FBI investigates Vegas massacre, a look back at another case


One of many big mysteries in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre is how mysterious millionaire shooter Stephen Paddock secreted his guns and ammunition into the hotel unobserved.

However, Paddock accomplished his feat, it wasn’t the first time that something big and deadly had been smuggled into a Nevada casino by a millionaire.

On August 26–27, 1980, three men planted an elaborately booby-trapped bomb containing 1,000 pounds of dynamite at Harvey’s Resort Hotel (now Harveys Lake Tahoe) in Stateline, Nevada. The mastermind behind the bomb, former millionaire John Birges, was attempting to extort $3 million ($8.7 million today) from the casino, claiming he had lost $750,000 ($2.2 million today) gambling there.

Getting 1,000 pounds of explosive into the hotel unseen ranks as a first on the FBI’s Big Bomb List.

According to an excerpt from “A Thousand Pounds of Dynamite, “It was about 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 26…

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